Wednesday, May 11th was the first Blossom Festival.  Nearly 500 guests responded to Manson’s “Farm Bureau” invitation.  The exercises were held at the Manson Pavilion, beginning at 11:00 a.m.  Mrs. E.A. Butterbaugh played the piano while senior members of the Sunday School sang a song.  M.E. Field delivered the welcome and spoke of what Manson was 30 years ago and the struggles early settlers had to undergo to make Manson what it was.  13 little girls gave a blossom drill with a song.  After the program came the unique banquet at the new Manson Fruit Growers packing room nearby.  This was followed by an auto parade of 125-200 autos through the orchards.  A dance was held later that night at the pavilion.



M. E. Field was again the toastmaster for the Blossom Festival which took the form of a picnic at the Growers Union Warehouse.  This was followed by a lively game of baseball between the Chelan and Manson boys at the Mission Church diamond, and a dance at the pavilion in the evening.



 J. O. Killian was the general chairman.  About 700 people gathered at the Manson Growers Warehouse for a basket lunch.  The programs, “Johnny Apple Seed” and “Mid Summer Eve”, were presented by both the high school and grade school students, as well as community members.



Mr. A.N. Banks was the general chairman.  April 30th was the first festival held at the new Community Hall.  Around 600 people were in attendance.



The Chelan Leader contained the following proclamation, “To all the People of Chelan:  Be it known that Friday, May 1st is the day set aside for the Manson Apple Blossom Festival and therefore the afternoon has been proclaimed a holiday.  All business establishments are requested to close during the Festival and join with Manson in celebrating their Apple Blossom Festival”  The festival began with a basket picnic at the Community Hall, attended by an estimated 1000 people.  After a baseball game played near the old Indian Church everyone returned to the hall for the evening program.  A dance followed with approximately 300 attending.



Friday, April 23rd saw the largest crowd to date at the festival.  J. O. Killian, entertainment chairman, introduced A. N. Banks who gave the welcome.  School children performed “Yankee Doodle” and a pageant depicting various episodes in American history.  Wenatchee’s queen was in attendance.  The afternoon baseball game between Wenatchee and Manson was followed by an evening program with various entertaining selections, including a Maypole Dance.  By ten o’clock the floor was cleared and the dancing began.



The Manson Grange conducted the festival this year (and many to follow).  The Manson Military Band attired in their new uniforms appeared on the streets of Chelan playing lively military music to remind Chelan folks of the festival.  Wenatchee’s Queen Beatrice ad Princesses Marjorie and Ruby were in attendance for the afternoon program.  Mr. Wellington Pegg of Wenatchee addressed the audience and “went so far as to predict that time would see 10,000 people living on the shores of Lake Chelan”.  The usual evening program and dance followed.



Queen Ruby Phelps was the first queen of the Manson Apple Blossom Festival.  Flower Girls were Juanita Davis and Betty Holden

Ruby Phelps
Evelyn Weaver


Queen Evelyn Weaver and Princesses Helen Petersen, Elizabeth Barkley and Dorothy Wapato presided over the festival.  Queen Evelyn Weaver received her first airplane ride in an open cockpit, two-seater and was crowned by Wenatchee Mayor Gellatly. She also attended Wenatchee’s coronation and Princess Helen played baritone and marched with the band in the Wenatchee Parade.  The day's activities included a baseball game and an evening dance at the Community Hall