Enchanted Manson Apple Blossom

Introducing the 2019 Enchanted Manson Apple Blossom Royalty announcer Jeff Conwell

Also introducing 2019 judges: Brian Bowes, Gavin Gahringer, Nick Hasted, Cheryl Hoitink and Andrea Eklund

2018 Farewell Right to Left: Queen Alyssa La Mar, Princesses AddiTorgesen, Diocelina Cervantes, Celina Mendoza

Entertainment by the Manson High School Jazz Katz and accompanied by Bryan Bernardo on the Piano

2019 candidates dancing to the song "You Say" by Selena Gomez and choreographed  by Jen Phillips 

Master of Ceremonies, Jeff Conwell, asking candidates impromptu questions

Scholarship awarded to Princess Marisol Mendoza.